This way you can get your compensation back

This way you can get your compensation back

If the so-called withdrawal Joker is mentioned, then it is usually meant, that borrowers from a running expensive credit in a much cheaper loan debt and thus save a few hundred euros per month.
compensation back
But there is another, equally interesting aspect: If you dropped out in the past few years, in advance of a credit agreement and a prepayment penalty paid, then you can get the money back from your Bank.

And this is how it goes: suppose you completed a financing for the purchase of your own apartment in 2015. Then they probably agreed on a five percent interest rate for a ten – year fixed interest rate – split over their thumb. In 2018, they made a surprising Inheritance and came to the conclusion that it is Best to use the money for the early repayment of the credit rather than zero interest rates, somewhere in a savings book. So far quite clever thought. However, she probably only let her Bank go after they put a proper portion of her inheritance in the prepayment compensation-never again.

But it is precisely this money that you can get back now if the credit agreement has a wrong withdrawal clause. This is not so rare, because more than two-thirds of all contracts from this period are flawed. Let this simply be revoked for free and without obligation on the IG Website check.

You have a particularly good Chance when the loan was concluded between November 2012 and mid-2018 and the payment of the advance payment is no longer than three years ago. If this is not the case, an examination can nevertheless be promising, even if the chances are then reduced.

But now there are also conflict-shy fellow human beings who shy away from costs and legal dispute, even if they had good chances of a proper repayment by the Bank. But they can also be helped. Because there are specialized providers who buy the right to the repayment of a prepayment compensation. This means for you: no cost, No risk – you get back only a portion of the money paid. Here, too, we provide contact with the respective providers at IG revoking.

Which option is more favourable for you, you should decide on the basis of your personal risk profile. What is clear is that doing nothing is the worst Alternative.

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